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Four students hold strings that connect in the middle and they are trying to pick up a plastic waterbottle. The students, two boys and two girls, are standing next to a rectangular table with blue tape on it. Each student is wearing a mask and one student wearing a Bears football shirt is holding the string closer to the water bottle. In the background is a class schedule on the white board and graphs and charts on the wall with class information.
Students in Mrs. Broms' class are working on using strings to pick up a water bottle at their desk. One girl is looking into the camera. All students are wearing masks. There are four students in the foreground and five students sitting or standing in the background with their groups. There are papers, pencils and blue pencil bin filled with supplies and post-its.
Two students dressed up as police officers are questioning another student who is leaving the room during the Ellis Island simulation at school. Students learned about immigration into the United States through Ellis Island. Students pretended to be officers, boat captains, and travelers throughout this time. There is one student standing in front of the students dressed up as officers and he is holding a piece of paper and is wearing his backpack. All students are wearing face masks.
Student, boy, in Mrs. Broms' fourth grade classroom is explaining his subtraction skills to the class. He is touching the SmartBoard or electronic teaching board. He is explaining how he borrowed and added to a different column. He is wearing a blue face mask that covers his nose and mouth. He is also wearing darker colored shorts and an orange shirt.
Create opportunities that inspire all students to grow as learners, individuals, and citizens.
Anne Sullivan News
First Week of School for 2021-2022
First Week of School for 2021-2022
Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year at Anne Sullivan! We had a wonderful week at Sullivan and we are looking forward to the rest of the school year!

Our Ross/Sullivan Parent Night will be held on Wednesday, September 1st from 6-7pm. Teachers will be on the blacktop for a meet and greet, and parents may enter the building to see their child's classroom. A Virtual Curriculum Presentation will be sent to families that afternoon. 

Supply lists are posted on the website, and can be accessed by clicking here

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Parent Night 9/1/2021
Labor Day- No School 9/6/2021
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