Anne Sullivan Elementary

Mrs. Stasi's class is sitting outside in the sunshine outside the glass hallway connecting Ross and Sullivan at the wooden picnic tables. Students are sitting at the picnic tables holding up their reading books. In the background is a ramp to a building entrance. The school has brick walls and black borders or upper edges. There are glass window to the left and behind students. There are light tan brick pavers on the ground under the picnic tables.
Students from Mrs. Stasi's class are sitting in chairs inside the Sullivan innovation lab located inside the library area. There are tvs on the left wall and a green painted back wall. The students are holding up books they are reading.
From the production of "The Little Mermaid Jr." this shows Ursula wearing a black dress with long tule shaped to look like tentacles, a yellow shell necklace, and a shiny silver shirt under the dress. She has her hair down and she is looking at one of her sea serpent helpers or other characters or cast members. One eel servant of Ursula is a person on the left of her with a green wig, black top hat, shiny green shirt and black pants. The other eel character is on the right with her hands out near her hips  wearing a purple wig, black top hat, shiny purple shirt, and black pants. The eels are both looking at Ursula as they sing. There are black stage curtains behind them and in the left background you can see a stage flat showing bubbles, a yellow fish and blue background.
The production of "The Little Mermaid Jr." shows the cast member dressed up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She is wearing a green skirt with tule at the bottom to look like a fin. She has a light purple top on and a red colored long wig. Her fish friend Flounder is wearing yellow and blue with tule skirt and a yellow hat with blue tule that looks like a fin on her head. The background has three flats that looks like a sandy yellow beach with a building in the background. The ocean is blue with a setting sun over the ocean. In the ocean has a dolphin jumping out of the water and an island with one palm tree on it.
Three girls are closest to the camera. They are Ariel's mermaid sisters. One is wearing a blue dress with a blue scrunchie, one is shorter and wearing pink, one is wearing red with a red scrunchie in her hair. They are standing in front of the microphone on the left side of the stage. In the background King Triton is sitting wearing khaki pants, white shirt, crown on his head, and a gold trident in his hand. In front of him there are there other girls who are also Ariel's mermaid sisters. One is wearing orange, one is wearing green, and one is in a shadow area and her dress looks more gray. They were standing in front of a microphone at the front of the stage. A student dressed as a red crab is partially in the photo to the far right. She is wearing all red with a red hat with fake eyes on it.
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