Anne Sullivan Elementary

4th graders in Ms. Slowik class are in class for the first time during our hybrid instruction. Ms. Slowik stands at the front of the room teaching to students in their desks. The desks are placed in taped off areas on the floor to keep and maintain social distance. Students all wear masks.
Students in Mrs. Lett's class are raising their hands while sitting at their desks in the classroom. They are wearing masks and waiting to participate in
Students in Mrs. Travis' class created Mars Rovers as a STEAM activity in science class. Students used cardboard, rubber bands, scissors, straws, and candies to create rovers that move. 5th graders are learning about space and the Mars mission.
Mrs. Broms' class was learning about sound in science. The class is standing up with paper cups to their ears and strings attached to them. They created string phones and were standing far apart from their partner to hear and feel how sound travels from a distance  and sound waves.
Mrs. Pennell's class is outside with posing for a picture as a class with their masks. They are celebrating their class win on solving logic puzzles and had earned a pizza party. After the party they had time for an extra recess. The students are kneeling or standing near the tree behind Anne Sullivan School. The playground is in the background and the building housing the gym is there too.
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