Parent/Student Handbook

Parent/Student Handbook

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4. Transportation & Parking
4.10 Bus Transportation, Bus Discipline, Bicycles
4.15 Bus Conduct 
4.20 Parking, Traffic Safety on School Property

5. Health and Safety
5.10 Immunization, Eye and Dental Examinations, Sports Physical
Health Examination Form 
Eye Exam Form
Dental Exam Form 
5.20 Student Medication:
 -Medication Authorization Form 
Self-Administer Medication Form
5.30 Guidance and Counseling
5.40 Safety Drill Procedures and Conduct, Crisis Response
5.50 Communicable Diseases
5.60 Head Lice

6. Discipline and Conduct
6.10 General Building Conduct, Behavior Expectations, School Rules
Eisenhower Ike Pride - Chart
Ross Star Values - Chart
Sullivan Rockers - Chart
MacArthur PRIDE - Chart 
6.20 School Dress Code/Student Appearance
6.30 Discipline, Consequences, Detentions, Lockers, Gangs
6.40 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment 
6.60 Field Trips
6.70 Access to Social Networking Passwords and Websites
6.80 Student Use of Electronic Devices 

7. Internet, Technology & Publications
7.10 Internet Acceptable Use
7.20 Guidelines for Distribution of Flyers, Brochures and Notices

8. Search and Seizure
8.10 Search and Seizure

9. Athletic and Extra Curricular Activities
9.10 Intramural Sports Program, Band and Orchestra, Dance Guidelines
9.20 Attendance at School-Sponsored Dances 
9.30 Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries 

10. Special Education
10.10 RtI, Special Education, IEP, NSSEO, Annual Review, 504
10.20 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
10.30 Exemption from Physical Education Requirement
10.50 Request to Access Classroom or Personnel for Special Education

11. Evaluation or Observation
11.10 Student Privacy, Student Pictures in Media, Instructional Material
11.20 Student Records and Transferring Out

12. Parental Right Notifications
12.10 Teacher Qualifications
12.20 Standardized Testing
12.30 Homeless Child’s Right to Education
12.40 Sex Education Instruction
12.60 English Learners (EL)
12.70 School Visitation Rights
12.80 Pest Control, Asbestos Notification
12.90 Mandated Reporters
12.100 Transfer to Another School
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