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Voice Recognition

School Wide Expectations

 "Be a friend to others and make yourself and those around you a wonderful day by being 
Respectful, Responsible, and Safe in all that you do!"
The IKE Path 
As children, we usually associate school only with academics.  However, as adults, we realize lifelong learning is moe about how we engage in the social world around us and how we manage our emotions and relationships.  This ability to control, manage, and regulate our behavior in order to be a productive member of our family, community, nation, and world relies on having appropriate and consistent learned behaviors modeled for us.  In essence, it is our duty to teach appropriate behavioral expectations the same as we teach academic learning objectives.  Our goal is to work with your child and help teach him/her appropriate ways to interact with his/her peers and adults in an engaging, positive, and safe learning environment.  Developing appropriate social skills takes time and being consistent.  More importantly, it gives us essential personal and group problem-solving skills to overcome adversity, stay productive, and have a positive outlook on life.  Everyday, after I have announced the children's birthdays and the day's events, I remind the students to be friend to others and to make themselves and those around them a wonderful day by being respectful, responsible, and safe in all that they do.  If there are any students who are not demonstrating appropriate behavior, they will be retaught the appropriate behavioral expectation, and, if that does not remedy the situation, they could possibly receive additonal support through a variety of tiered interventions.  The most import aspect of the IKE Path is reinforcing the behaviors we desire in seeing displayed.  As with all things in life, positive emotions are evoked through the power of praise and redeeming feelings.  The more we model and praise the resulting appropriate/expected behaviors, the more we will see our children growing up to become more empathetic individuals who can make better decisions for themselves and those around them.  

Dr. Lambatos 
Eisenhower Eagle