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Staff Directory

D23 Food Service
Co-Mangers: Maribel Real and Kathleen Coen
Food Service Contacts:
Stacy Balla
Balla, Stacy
K Bilingual Teacher
Office: 847-870-5080
Nicole Baran
Baran, Nicole
EC Teacher
Office: 847-870-5093
Michelle Barr
Barr, Michelle
Program Assistant
Alexandra Bozio
Bozio, Alexandra
ECDEC Teacher
Office: 847-870-5088
Michelle Broms
Broms, Michelle
Office Assistant
Office: 847-870-5042
Lissa Carlson
Carlson, Lissa
Office: 847-870-5043
Amy Caspari
Caspari, Amy
Reading Support Teacher
Office: 847-870-5095
Lindsey Castronovo
Castronovo, Lindsey
Speech and Language Pathologist
Office: 847-870-5047
Sara Craig
Craig, Sara
School Psychologist
Office: 847-870-5096
Larry Czarkowski
Czarkowski, Larry
K Teacher
Office: 847-870-5099
Kristen Derrico
Derrico, Kristen
EC Teacher
Office: 847-870-5089
Rebecca Durbin
Durbin, Rebecca
Tech Integration Specialist
Office: 847-870-5179 x Ross
Sheena Emberton
Emberton, Sheena
Office: 847-870-5189
Kayleen Fahey
Fahey, Kayleen
EC Teacher
Office: 847-870-5091
Barbara Forst
Forst, Barbara
SPED Assistant
Jonathan Frohn
Frohn, Jonathan
Library Assistant
Pamela Garceau
Garceau, Pamela
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5053
Debbie Gardiner
Gardiner, Debbie
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5079
Jessa Gianneschi
Gianneschi, Jessa
SPED Assistant
Dana Goldstein
Goldstein, Dana
P.E. Teacher
Office: 847-870-5049
Sherrie Grischow
Grischow, Sherrie
K Teacher
Office: 847-870-5086
Elizabeth Guza
Guza, Elizabeth
SPED Assistant
Iwona Hauschild
Hauschild, Iwona
1st Grade Bilingual Teacher
Office: 847-870-5052
Kristen Herzog
Herzog, Kristen
Library/Media Specialist
Office: 847-870-5100
Elizabeth Hirsch
Hirsch, Elizabeth
Occupational Therapist
Office: 847-870-5084
Anne Hodits
Hodits, Anne
Kaitlin Kolka
Kolka, Kaitlin
Bilingual Speech & Language Pathalogies
Office: 847-870-5046
Cheryl Kreiman
Kreiman, Cheryl
EC Speech/Lang. Pathologist
Office: 847-870-5108
Dr. Luke Lambatos
Lambatos, Dr. Luke
Office: 847-870-5040
Jessica Lelito
Lelito, Jessica
Office: 847-870-5097
Jennifer Luke
Luke, Jennifer
SPED Assistant
Fabiola Mayen
Mayen, Fabiola
Program Assistant
Genie Menzia
Menzia, Genie
Title I Tutor
Suzanne Milanez
Milanez, Suzanne
SPED Assistant
Susan Miller
Miller, Susan
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5055
Julie Mullaney
Mullaney, Julie
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5054
Janet Pateras
Pateras, Janet
Program Assistant
Deborah Peterson
Peterson, Deborah
Program Assistant
Christina Pufandt
Pufandt, Christina
LBS Resource Teacher
Office: 847-870-5045
Patricia Reibel
Reibel, Patricia
Administrative Assistant to Principal
Office: 847-870-5041
Kathy Retsky
Retsky, Kathy
SPED Assistant
Amy Rozner
Rozner, Amy
LBS Resource Teacher
Office: 847-870-5090
Carlos Rubio, Carlos
Rubio, Carlos, Carlos
Miguel Rubio, Miguel
Rubio, Miguel, Miguel
Donna Ruth
Ruth, Donna
Library Assistant
Analiza Santiago
Santiago, Analiza
SPED Assistant
Lisa Schmidt
Schmidt, Lisa
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5078
June Seelig
Seelig, June
SPED Assistant
Christie Stocking
Stocking, Christie
Occupational Therapist
Office: 847-870-5178 x Ross
Carly Sullivan
Sullivan, Carly
Assistive Tech
Office: 847-870-5186 x Ross
Margaret Tomasik
Tomasik, Margaret
K Teacher
Office: 847-870-5081
Michelle Valderrama
Valderrama, Michelle
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5051
Ann Walker
Walker, Ann
Reading Support Teacher
Tricia Walsh
Walsh, Tricia
Occupational Therapist
Office: 847-870-5094
Jean Wilson
Wilson, Jean
Title I Tutor
Suzanne Wojtalewicz
Wojtalewicz, Suzanne
SPED Assistant
Jaya Zachariah
Zachariah, Jaya
Program Assistant
Abra Zaveduk
Zaveduk, Abra
Social Worker
Office: 847-870-5092
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