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Staff Directory

D23 Food Service
Co-Mangers: Maribel Real and Kathleen Coen
Food Service Contacts:
Jonathan Boyer
Boyer, Jonathan
Orchestra Director
Office: 847-870-5587
JoAnn Brant
Brant, JoAnn
Tanya Bratko
Bratko, Tanya
Physical Therapist
Office: -- x 5373
Marianne Broms
Broms, Marianne
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5386
Lisa Brusso
Brusso, Lisa
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5392
Kelly Caffero
Caffero, Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Andrea Cooney
Cooney, Andrea
Library Assistant
Rachel Curran
Curran, Rachel
Social Worker
Office: 847-870-5387
Anna DeFrenza
DeFrenza, Anna
Program Assistant
Office: 847-870-5440
Nina Espinos
Espinos, Nina
ESL Teacher
Office: 847-870-5391
Colleen Finnander
Finnander, Colleen
P.E. Teacher
Candice Fleischmann
Fleischmann, Candice
Speech/Lang. Pathologist
Office: -- x 5184
Kelly Funk
Funk, Kelly
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5389
Kristene Ganek
Ganek, Kristene
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5395
Linda Hartmann
Hartmann, Linda
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5445
Alyssa Hirsh
Hirsh, Alyssa
Speech & Language Pathologist
Office: 847-870-5376
Brian Hitzeman
Hitzeman, Brian
Office: 847-870-5329
Marlys Jenkins
Jenkins, Marlys
LBS Resource Teacher
Office: 847-870-5443
Violet Jimenez
Jimenez, Violet
Nurse Assistant
Tammy Kaspari
Kaspari, Tammy
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5447
Kaitlin Kolka
Kolka, Kaitlin
Bilingual Speech & Language Pathalogies
Office: 847-870-5046
Debbie LaCaeyse
LaCaeyse, Debbie
SPED Assistant
Kelly Lett
Lett, Kelly
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5444
Erin Lim
Lim, Erin
School Psychologist
Karen Luehr
Luehr, Karen
Music Teacher
Tara MacTavish
MacTavish, Tara
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5394
Ani Magid
Magid, Ani
Speech/Language Pathologist
Office: 847-870-5186 x Ross
Melissa Mariconda
Mariconda, Melissa
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5440
Mary Marwitz
Marwitz, Mary
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5399
Rachel Matthews
Matthews, Rachel
Art Teacher
Office: 847-870-5161
Traci Meziere
Meziere, Traci
Office: 847-870-5380
Bob Miller
Miller, Bob
Physical Education Teacher
Office: 847-870-5158
Laura Mkrtschjan
Mkrtschjan, Laura
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5448
Megan Murray
Murray, Megan
Music/Chorus Teacher
Office: -- x 5384
Kelsey Paeth
Paeth, Kelsey
Reading Teacher
Office: 847-870-5390
Susan Pennell
Pennell, Susan
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5442
Kathy Quatman
Quatman, Kathy
Office: 847-870-5154
Jill Schlomann
Schlomann, Jill
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5449
Pragna Shah
Shah, Pragna
SPED Assistant
Tina Stasi
Stasi, Tina
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5446
Christie Stocking
Stocking, Christie
Occupational Therapist
Office: 847-870-5178 x Ross
Gina Stolton
Stolton, Gina
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5183
Carly Sullivan
Sullivan, Carly
Assistive Tech
Office: 847-870-5186 x Ross
Laurie Travis
Travis, Laurie
5th Grade Teacher
Nadine Ubert
Ubert, Nadine
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5396
Jennifer Wessel
Wessel, Jennifer
5th Grade Teacher
Lyndee Wright
Wright, Lyndee
Social Work Intern
Office: 847-870-5387
Betsy Yager
Yager, Betsy
Library/Media Specialist
Office: 847-870-5591
Meredith Zawacki
Zawacki, Meredith
Building Assist.
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