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About Anne Sullivan

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About Anne Sullivan 

Anne Sullivan School is a fourth and fifth-grade level center located in the Northwest Suburbs. There are approximately 350 students who attend this diverse school.  We focus on the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students, and our staff works to meet the needs of each student every day.  Our Sullivan community of learners also makes a difference in the local and larger community by participating in service learning opportunities.  


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Anne Sullivan Elementary School to engage ALL students in experiences that inspire EACH to grow as learners, individuals, and community members.


Belief Statements 

We Believe: 
* in nurturing students to develop a growth mindset and respect individuality
* all students can achieve success and make meaningful academic and social-emotional growth 
* students will become contributing community members by developing self-motivation, personal responsibility, tolerance, and empathy 
* learning requires a partnership of students, families, and educators