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MacArthur Bus Routes

Please see the following link for a listing of each of MacArthur's Bus Routes.

MacArthur Breakfast and Lunch Program

 What's for breakfast / lunch?!
The attached district link provides important information regarding the breakfast and lunch program at MacArthur, including menu items and pricing.



Need a new lock? There are a few options we have!

First, students can buy a pair of locks with us (two are needed--one for the hallway locker and one for the P.E. locker), and each lock would have the same combo. This is available for $12, cash or check, in the office.

Second, students can buy individual used locks at $2 each. Now, these would not have the same combos as either existing locks or other purchased used locks. These are also available in the office, subject to supply.

Finally, students can bring their own locks to use for either locker; however, if there was an issue with the lock, it would need to be cut off the locker, as we only have a master key for locks purchased through us.