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Staff Directory

D23 Food Service
Co-Mangers: Maribel Real and Kathleen Coen
Food Service Contacts:
Christopher Alms
Alms, Christopher
Assistant Principal
Office: 847-870-5191
Janina Babon
Babon, Janina
Kim Basile
Basile, Kim
8th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5299
Elzbieta Batura
Batura, Elzbieta
DHH Teacher Assistant
Kristen Bearwald
Bearwald, Kristen
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5297
Michael Becker
Becker, Michael
P.E. Teacher
Office: 847-870-5264
Joseph Behun
Behun, Joseph
8th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5316
Jonathan Boyer
Boyer, Jonathan
Orchestra Director
Office: 847-870-5587
Kris Brand
Brand, Kris
Office: 847-870-5192
Kim Brunner
Brunner, Kim
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5287
Claudia Carpenter
Carpenter, Claudia
Administrative Assistant to Principal
LuAnn Casurella
Casurella, LuAnn
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5209
Juan Chavez-Munoz
Chavez-Munoz, Juan
Carolyn Collins
Collins, Carolyn
SPED Assistant
Erin Dolwick
Dolwick, Erin
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5293
Bubba Ewanio
Ewanio, Bubba
Jonathan Frohn
Frohn, Jonathan
Library Assistant
Kasey Godek
Godek, Kasey
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5247
Joel Grafman
Grafman, Joel
Office: 847-870-5374
Jill Halpin
Halpin, Jill
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5260
Dana Harris
Harris, Dana
DHH Interpreter
Stacey Hendricks
Hendricks, Stacey
Art Teachers
Office: 847-870-5272
Jodi Hernandez
Hernandez, Jodi
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5290
Alyssa Hirsh
Hirsh, Alyssa
Speech & Language Pathologist
Office: 847-870-5376
Michael Howitz
Howitz, Michael
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5241
Laura Jaeschke
Jaeschke, Laura
SPED Assistant
Melissa Joffe
Joffe, Melissa
8th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5378
Athena Kalaras
Kalaras, Athena
Spanish Teacher
Office: 847-870-5273
Meghan Kevil
Kevil, Meghan
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5315
Susan Koepke
Koepke, Susan
SPED Assistant
Kaitlin Kolka
Kolka, Kaitlin
Bilingual Speech & Language Pathalogies
Office: 847-870-5046
Shelly Kutcher
Kutcher, Shelly
P.E./Health Teacher
Office: 847-870-5267
Maggie Leja
Leja, Maggie
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5296
Abbey Lynch
Lynch, Abbey
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5291
Samantha Lynn
Lynn, Samantha
FACS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5276
Amy Mailloux
Mailloux, Amy
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5249
Mary Beth McWilliams
McWilliams, Mary Beth
Library/Media Specialist
Office: 847-870-5200
Marilyn Nelson-Sabo
Nelson-Sabo, Marilyn
8th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5319
Dr. Camron Nystrom
Nystrom, Dr. Camron
Office: 847-870-5190
Christine O'Brien
O'Brien, Christine
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5261
Stephanie O'Connor
O'Connor, Stephanie
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5207
Jamie Pagano
Pagano, Jamie
DHH Speech/Lang. Pathologist
Susan Peckworth
Peckworth, Susan
7th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5289
Daniel Perillo
Perillo, Daniel
P.E. Teacher
Office: 847-870-5265
Bryan Quesea
Quesea, Bryan
Applied Technology Teacher
Office: 847-870-5274
Carly Racusen
Racusen, Carly
Social Worker
Office: 847-870-5201
Stephanie Ritter
Ritter, Stephanie
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5248
Lora Robertson
Robertson, Lora
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5205
Melissa Ross
Ross, Melissa
SPED Assistant
Marcus Sabo
Sabo, Marcus
Office: 847-870-5208
Kim Salyards
Salyards, Kim
DHH Teacher
Office: 847-870-5206
Samuel Simpson
Simpson, Samuel
Band Director
Office: 847-870-5268
Carly Sullivan
Sullivan, Carly
Assistive Tech
Office: 847-870-5186 x Ross
Hannah Sutter
Sutter, Hannah
Technology Integration Specialist
Office: 847-870-5352
Jeni Teramoto
Teramoto, Jeni
8th Grade Teacher
Office: 847-870-5298
Nora Valenzuela Muneton
Valenzuela Muneton, Nora
Program Assistant
Denisse Valladares
Valladares, Denisse
ESL Teacher
Office: 847-870-5288
Barbara Whiteside
Whiteside, Barbara
SPED Assistant
Megan Windsor
Windsor, Megan
LBS Teacher
Office: 847-870-5311
Lee Wright
Wright, Lee
Reading Teacher
Office: 847-870-5320
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