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About MacArthur

About MacArthur

MacArthur Middle School
700 N. Schoenbeck Road. Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Phone: (847) 870-3879
Fax: (847) 870-3881
Attendance Line: (847) 870-5375

MacArthur empowers all learners to thrive!

Douglas MacArthur Middle School is the home of 500-plus 6th- through 8th-grade students at District #23 from the communities of Prospect Heights, Arlington Heights, Wheeling, and Mount Prospect.  Our school provides a comprehensive core academic program, with instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Language Arts, and Physical Education.  Students also participate in the Exploratory program, with rotations of Art, Music, Applied Technology, and Family and Consumer Science (FACS).  Students can elect to participate in a complete Vocal and Instrumental Music (VIM) program that includes Band, Orchestra, and Chorus.  MacArthur students are empowered each day to learn their best and in rigorous ways through current technology devices and applications.  We started our 1:1 iPad program in 2015 and use Schoology and Powerschool to communicate classroom events and progress.  Follow our learning experiences on Instagram and Twitter via @D23MacArthur and #d23mac.

Central to the daily learning experiences are our central beliefs and expectations:

Prepared.  We are prepared for our daily learning experiences as a part of becoming prepared for our high school careers and beyond.
Respect.  We are blessed to have a diverse community.  Our perspectives are a source of strength to complete our thoughts of others and of ourselves.
Integrity.  Being honest and trustworthy of others is the beginning.   Honoring our own value and legacy cause us to be honest with ourselves.
Determination.  We are not measured by our first attempt, our rough draft.  With feedback and repeated practice, we will improve through challenges.
Engaged.  We are present with our audience and our task.

See how our student and staff show their PRIDE each day through “#MAChasPRIDE.”