Technology Department

Technology Department

Our Mission

The technology team assists in supporting the mission, vision and strategic plan of the district through the appropriate integration/utilization of technology.  In an ever evolving world of technology and the role it plays with the educational landscape, the technology team together with the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee (TLT) believe, that we need “To increase and enhance the use of technology as a tool to improve engagement, elevate rigor, and transform instructional practices in the classroom and at home.”

As a district, we believe that the role and purpose of technology has dramatically shifted toward a fully integrated and seamless presence. Devices have become essential tools for teachers, just as they have for other professionals and in the business world. For our students, they have become the equalizer that provides access to information, the

ability to collaborate, create, and connect with people throughout the world, and the opportunity for differentiation and personalization of education.

To fully develop an environment that supports the goals of the plan and supports our district’s mission as a department we continue to build a culture that values meaningful technology integration.  Utilizing our solid foundation as a building block, the department, the committee, and more directly our instructional support (Technology Integration Specialist (TIS), Library Media Specialist) are focused on supporting the design and execution of effective instructional practices throughout all buildings.  


1:1 Device Information/Forms  

Educational Technology Plan 3.0  (2019 - 2022)

1:1 Implemenation Plan (2014 - 2019)

Tech Plan 2.0 (2014 - 2019) 

Approved Apps and Website List


Mrs. Maria Stavropoulos
Director Of Technology 
(847) 870-5556

Justin Heller
Network Manager
(847) 870-5557

Deborah Pitts
Data and Systems Manger
(847) 870-5590 

Chris Reglis
Technology Support Technician 
(847) 870-5585

Dr. Becky Durbin
Technology Ingegration Specialist (Pre-K-2)
(847) 870-5589

Technology Ingegration Specialist (3-5)
(847) 870-5555

Hannah Sutter
Technology Ingegration Specialist (6-8)
(847) 870-5352

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