Prospect Heights School D23
Daily Recognition
Beginning at the start of the school year, Star Values Tickets are handed out to students regularly throughout the building.  The tickets are dispersed to students who are exhibiting positive behaviors in all settings. So, whether a child is walking quietly down the hall, demonstrating strong effort in reading class, or supporting a friend in need, you can never be quite sure when a Star Value may be headed your direction!
Weekly Recognition
All students are given a chance to earn additional rewards on a weekly basis.  Each Thursday beginning in early October, students have the opportunity to trade their Star Values Tickets in for a collectible trading card from their favorite staff member. The trading cards, which allow students to catch a special glimpse of their teachers' lives and/or interests, are extremely popular with our students.  Students often collect trading cards for multiple years and bring them in to show off to their classmates.  After all, it's not very often you get to view your classroom teacher taking a picture with their family, your reading teacher posing with a famous athlete, or your principal getting a pie in the face!
We also offer an additional weekly prize in the form of a raffle.  Each Friday, approximately 30 students are chosen randomly to be our Star Values raffle winners for the week.  These lucky students get their names announced over the intercom and are called down to the office to select a prize from the Ross Star Value Store.  You'll never see happier children than those walking excitedly down the hall to receive this special honor!
Monthly Recognition
Quite possibly the most excitement during the school year at Betsy Ross is generated in anticipation of our monthly celebrations.  These phenomenal events are set up to reward students for the positive behaviors they have exhibited throughout the prior month.  Some of our most popular annual celebrations are our Kick Off Pep Rally, the Tug of Strength Competition, and the March Madness Celebrations.  Both students and staff members have a blast participating in these outstanding activities.
Achieving Excellence in Learning Through an Equitable Education for All!
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