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Middle School is a time of tremendous growth and change for young adolescents. The changes affect not only academic progress in school, but a child's emotional and social relationships. There are physical changes for our youngsters to cope with as well. This period of transition to high school may result in feelings of unrest, anxiety, and perhaps isolation. One way to overcome these negative feelings is to become involved in clubs or activities. At MacArthur we offer a wide variety of choices and every child has the opportunity to become involved. Clubs and activities provide vehicles which help each child to get a sense of belonging and become a well-rounded individual.

It is our hope that every MacArthur student can find worthwhile clubs and activities to join. Parents and students should work together to plan three years of participation at MacArthur. Announcements are always made prior to the start of activities. Specific details about each one can be received from the sponsors or the front office. Mac's Memos, our weekly school newsletter, routinely provides information on up-and -coming events and activities. Morning announcements will also provide you important information each day. When you have a question, please ask! Good luck and have fun!

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