Prospect Heights School D23

Betsy Ross Mission Statement

Here at Betsy Ross Elementary School, we believe that by empowering children to achieve excellence, students will be successful learners. 



Betsy Ross Belief Statements
1.  We believe all students can learn.
2.  We believe in fostering the unique learning style of each child.
3.  We have high expectations for our students, staff and families.
4.  We believe that students, families and staff should collaborate to create a positive learning environment both at home, at school, and in the community.
5.  All stakeholders (families, teachers, staff, and students) share in the responsibility in the social and academic development of each child.
6.  We align student learning to the Common Core State Standards. 
Achieving Excellence in Learning Through an Equitable Education for All!
700 N. Schoenbeck Rd.  Prospect Heights, IL 60070    P: 847.870.3850
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