Prospect Heights School D23
District 23 Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum, Instruction, and Program Design are interconnected components of the teaching and learning process and essential elements for a high quality experience for students.  Supported by quality professional development, District 23 administrators and faculty work collaboratively to engage students each day in meaningful and rigorous experiences. 
To Achieve Excellence in Learning though an Equitable Education for All, our vision statement, District 23's Department of Curriculum and Instruction actively uses data to evaluate program effectiveness, refine and enhance instructional practices, and review curriculum materials and resources. This continuous improvement process involves parents, students and staff input to allocate time, energy, and financial resources to best meet the needs of our organization. 
I continue to be deeply impressed with our school district's dedicated administrative team, teaching staff, and committed families; all of which positively impact the daily experiences of our students. It is both a privilege and an honor to serve as the Assistant Superintendent in the Prospect Heights School District 23 community. I invite you to explore the links and information associated with this page. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if I may assist you in any way.
Dr. Christie Samojedny
Assistant Superintendent 
Contact Information
   Dr. Christie Samojedny
   Assistant Superintendent
   Prospect Heights SD #23
   (847) 870-5551
Achieving Excellence in Learning Through an Equitable Education for All!
700 N. Schoenbeck Rd.  Prospect Heights, IL 60070    P: 847.870.3850
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