Prospect Heights School D23
Prospect Heights School District 23 Facilities Department is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and community members.  
The District's facilities consist of four (4) K-8 grade center schools, encompassing 214,000 square feet.  The facilities are serviced by one (1) maintenance worker, four (4) day custodians, and six (6) night custodians.
Throughout the course of a calendar year the facilities are subject to numerous inspections, both internal and external.  The inspections include, but are not limited to:  asbestos, backflow preventors, bleachers, emergency lighting, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, security, pest management, and the regional office of education. 
As required by the USEPA and IDPH, each school building is required to have and asbestos management plan.  These plans are located at each respective school and the District Office.  Once every three (3) years the buildings are inspected by an IDPH licensed asbestos inspector, at which time management plans are updated. 
The Illinois Toxic Substance Act prevents the use of chemicals in a school building without proper training and the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).  Documentation for custodial products is available at each school. 
D23 Pest Management Program combines preventive techniques and non-chemical pest control methods.  Pesticides are used as an absolute last resort during non-school hours.
Director Of Buildings & Grounds
Brian Rominski, CPS
Maintenance Director
Curt Schmidt 
Achieving Excellence in Learning Through an Equitable Education for All!
700 N. Schoenbeck Rd.  Prospect Heights, IL 60070    P: 847.870.3850
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