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Enhancing Communications
District 23 is committed to enhancing communications between our schools and parents.  The district uses the following tools as it's primary communication avenues:

Constant Contact: Email newsletters from principals on a bi-weekly basis, and a monthly superintendent/district School Scene newsletter.

Instant Connect:  A telephone, email, and text message broadcast system that will enable school personnel to notify all households and parents of general announcements, reminders, emergencies, and school closings.

Note:  In preparation for any emergencies we will be conducting a test message using Instant Connect on Wednesday, September 12th.  

Website: Have you checked out our new websites? (  

Make sure to navigate to the Virtual Backpack” of each school’s website to find digital handouts that include school/district information. Additionally, you may access the parent tab for other resources. 

School/Classroom Tools: Such as Schoology, Seesaw, Class Dojo, Remind may be used to connect home and school by the classroom teachers.

Social Media: Our schools are currently using Twitter to share out school happenings, photos and more.  Our district is using Twitter and Facebook.  Make sure to follow us!


For us to be able to reach you using the above avenues it is critical that we have your current contact information in our student information system, PowerSchool.  If you have made any changes to your primary phone number or email, or you have not been receiving our communications, please contact your schools office to provide them with the updated information.  All school contact information may be found at the bottom of your school’s website (

If necessary, you may choose to opt-in/out of the Instant Connect messaging system.  Simply follow the attached directions to have your account removed.

Instant Connect Portal Login & Registration

Instant Connect is the school district's one call system for notifying parents and students of school notifications.  Parents/guardians can add and/or delete phone numbers and email addresses they want to be notified. Parents may also opt out of the service.

  1. Log in at the PowerSchool Parent Portal:

  1. Select 

Instant Connect Notification Settings for: Adams, John

Prospect Heights School Dist 23 Parent Notification Service

2. In the top (blue) section you may change how phone numbers are to be used, although at least one should receive voice calls.  Please contact the school office to change phone numbers or emails in the top (blue) section.

Name: Adams, John

You cannot edit these values, but choose whether to receive as Voice Calls or Texts.

Telephone                          847-880-9993

Email                                  [email protected]

You may add, edit or remove any of these alternative phones or emails in the green section.

Once selections are made click <Apply changes above>