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November Parent-Teacher Conferences
November Parent-Teacher Conferences

As we write, we just wanted to remind all of our families that we are quickly coming to the completion of our first trimester of learning. Your children, our students, are in outstanding hands with our PreK-5 teams. Achievement is occurring because the children are being nurtured, but, more importantly, growth is occurring because the children have advocates in both you and us. We all share in a partnership in seeing them grow and what an exciting endeavor it is to see! It gives all of our lives purpose and the future hope and promise. However, now more than ever, as learning expectations increase, we continue to ask your support with ensuring that homework review and reading time with your child continue to be scheduled on a regular nightly basis.

Our upcoming November 9th & 16th Parent-Teacher Conferences are our first true opportunity to sit down together and reflect upon each individual child’s growth. Just as important as earning grades, we are able to discuss their social-emotional progress as well as their classroom participation, focus, and level of enthusiasm. Even though assessment data, homework, and in-class assignments play crucial roles in understanding each and every child’s learning development, we always want to make sure that our conversations focus around several fundamental questions that you might want to consider asking:

1) How is my child interacting with his/her classmates?

2) Does my child like to participate in whole class discussions and contribute/share his/her ideas in small group settings?

3) What are some additional strategies that we can reinforce at home to help our child attain specific concept(s) and skill(s) development?

As we foster these conversations, you will find your relationship with your own child’s learning growing. Equally as valuable is the insight it gives our dedicated staff in continuing to nurture your child’s path of lifelong learning.

Also, please remember to read with your child for at least 20-minutes each night. While reading or even sharing conversations, remember to introduce or substitute unfamiliar vocabulary words for everyday common words. Enrich your conversations by speaking to your child with robust, enriching words. Not only will you find them developing more expressive language in the process, which will help to facilitate greater understanding of their social-emotional well-being, but you will unknowingly be doing ourself a far greater favor for your relationship with them when their later adolescent years are upon you.
From the entire Eisenhower, Ross, and Sullivan staffs, to you and yours, Have A Happy Holiday Season!