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District Climate Survey Results
In November, parents and community members had the opportunity to complete the biennial climate survey for Prospect Heights School District 23. The information gathered from the survey is presented in two different ways. The first presentation represents the entire District. The second presentation is by building.

The Communications Committee of the Board of Education reviewed the data at their committee meeting on December 17, 2014. The results were shared with the entire Board of Education at the January 14, 2015 Board meeting.

Overall the results are positive, the biggest improvement is in the number of people who responded. Two years ago 64 individuals responded. In 2014, 267 individuals started the survey and approximately 250 completed all questions. The actual break down per building for the survey was: 118 responses from MacArthur, 47 responses from Sullivan, 40 responses from Betsy Ross and 44 responses from Eisenhower. The District hopes to continue to grow these numbers for future surveys.

The questions included in the survey are centered around the themes for Effective Schools: Safe and Orderly Environment, Instructional Leadership, High Expectations for Success, Clear and Focused Mission, Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task, Home-School Relations, and Effective Instruction, Planned Change. 

Climate Survey for the District

Climate Survey By Building