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MacArthur Student/Parent Handbook
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The faculty and staff of MacArthur Middle School welcome students and parents to a new and exciting year. To assist you in getting to know staff, teachers, schedules, and students, we offer the following suggestions:

* Get to know the location of the gymnasium, nurse’s office, cafeteria, and the main office.

* Become familiar with your schedule and the school's curriculum.

* Build a rapport and relationship with your teachers. They are here for you!

* Remember your locker combination(s) (hallway and gymnasium locker rooms) and don’t share them with anyone else, even your best friend.

* To get good grades; complete homework on time; study for tests and quizzes; and pay attention in class.

* Be a part . . . by taking part! Make new friends and enjoy the many after school activities offered at MacArthur.

* Be yourself and maintain a sense of individuality. Have the courage to stand up for what is right even though “the crowd” might think otherwise.
We will provide you with classrooms and equipment, quality teachers and books, but we cannot give you an education. You have to work for it. How much you learn and the benefits you gain from that learning is in direct proportion to the effort you put into it.

Take pride in your effort and be proud of your school. Conduct yourself at all times in a way that will reflect credit upon you, your family, and your school.

Good luck and have a great school year!
1. Introductory Information & General Notices
2. Attendance, Promotion & Graduation
3. Student Fees and Meal Costs
4. Transportation & Parking
5. Health and Safety
6. Discipline and Conduct
7. Internet, Technology & Publications
8. Search and Seizure
9. Athletic and Extra Curricular Activities
10. Special Education
11. Evaluation or Observation
12. Parental Right Notifications
13. Miscellaneous Information
Achieving Excellence in Learning Through an Equitable Education for All!
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