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Designed by K. Brunner
Eisenhower School
Prospect Heights, Illinois

Muhammed Ali

Help!  Your teacher had this great Black History trivia game that all of his or her students loved to play.  One day last week the principal was admiring the game, when all of a sudden, the principal knocked a cup full of coffee on the game and accidentally ruined it!  Can you and your classmates help create a new game?

THE TASK - You and a partner will research a famous African-American of your choice within an assigned category. You will present the information to your classmates in an interesting and informative way.  You and your partner will then create game cards to add into a class trivia game.  When all of the class have presented their biographies and have written their game cards, your teacher will be thrilled to have a new Black History trivia game. Your teacher will so happy that he or she will surely let the class play the game!  Have fun while you learn a lot about some of the famous African-Americans that helped shaped America!


Created July, 2000
by K. Brunner
for educational purposes only