The Principal’s Century Book Club
The Century Club is a listing of children who read multiples of one hundred books during their years at Eisenhower School.
The child’s name will be added to the front foyer wall when they read their first one hundred books. Children’s names will remain on the wall year after year. Their name continues to be added with each 100 books they read. Students will also receive a special pencil from the office.
Books should be at the child’s reading level, and left to parent’s discretion.
If you would like a form, please come to the office to get one. You may also just list the books on a sheet of paper.
This years recipients! 

Eduardo Martinez 
Kimberly Rodriguez
Omar Villa Contreras 
Nela Zadecki
Henry Brook 
Jessica Lynn
Natalie Brook 
Camila Herrera
Alex Rivera 
Daniel Miranda
Eric Krupski
Gian Flores
David Shakhnazaryan 
David Che
Jaylanee Garcia 
Igor Khabenyuk
Angel Canseco 
Connor Rugg
Omar Villa 
Kimberly Rodriguez
Elsy Mojica 
Johanny Cortez?
Joseph DiFranco 
Julian Bugara
Karen Martinez 
Kimberly Castro Morales
Eva Espiritu 
Joris Mrazauskas
Geetika Gavankar 
Laura Bugarija
Connor McCarthy 
Christian Rinkenberger
Isabella Glinko 
Jio Chung
Jonathan Vitale 
Melanie Muszynski
Allan Smutek 
Jonathan Pliego
Alexander Pop 
Defne Paul
Imanita Arunsingh 
Nicole Ciukaj
Kamile Pavydis 
Mia Augustyn
Griffin Brill 
Daniel Bulgakov
Gabriel Ramirez
Erick Zadlo
Jack Jacobsen
Allen Batko
Shaylee Martinez
Matthew Reyes

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