Prospect Heights School D23

The IKE Path






Be Respectful

·       Always flush

·       Remain silent

·       Remember the privacy of others

·       Remain silent

·       Wave to friends

·       Follow procedures/routines

·       Quickly and silently line up

·       Use inside voices


·       Speak using an inside voice

·       Keep hands and feet to self

Be Responsible

·       Keep the area clean

·       Report problems

·       Wash hands with soap

·       Go directly to your destination

·       Walk in a straight line


·       Bring in playground equipment

·       Clean up your area (this includes the floor, table, and anything you drop or see left behind)

·       Keep food and other items in your backpack

·       Keep your backpack closed

·       Be at your bus stop on time



·       Use all fixtures as intended

·       Keep hands to self

·       Hold stairway rail

·       Stay to the right-hand side

·       Always walk in the lunchroom

·       Carry lunch bins

·       Keep hands to self

·       Remain seated

·       Keep your backpack on your lap



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