Prospect Heights School D23

Making Special Arrangements

Parents, when making plans for your child to play at a schoolmate's home after school, please remember that children are not allowed to ride a bus other than their own. They are also not supposed to get off at a stop other than their own. Please do not put your child (or us) in the position of not cooperating with bus rules.

Also, the school is not allowed to give out names and phone numbers of children who attend our school. Please do not call or write to the school office asking for this information.

If You Need To Leave Early 
Children who are to be excused from school prior to the regular end of the school day must "check out" through the school office. Parents are asked to send a note ahead of time, rather than call, to request an early release for their children. Parents are required to come into the school office to sign their children out for early dismissal. District policy does not allow any adult to go directly to classrooms.

We also ask you to please send a note whenever you want your child to go home other than their regular way, such as riding their bike, walking home rather than taking the bus, or being picked up by another parent in order to go to a friend's home to play after school. Without a note, we will send your child home on the school bus if that is how the child normally goes home. In order to support the bus drivers, we discourage allowing children to get off at a bus stop other than their own, and children are definitely not allowed to take a bus other than their regular bus. If your child plans to go to a friend's house after school, you will have to make transportation arrangements that do not involve changing the regular bus routine.
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