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 Social Thinking
As part of our universal IKE Path effort to instruct appropriate or expected behavior, Eisenhower and all of the District 23 schools will be implementing the Social Thinking curriculum.  As with the scientifically research-based practices of PBIS "The IKE Path", this curriculum is premised upon the idea that children need to be able to identify and understand behaviors that are considered "expected" and "unexpected".  Expected behaviors are the acceptable social norms that are fundamental to appropriate, pleasant, and productive behaviors within human interpersonal relationships and whole group social dynamics.  Being able to understand the impact of one's own behaviors and how to develop social relationships are fundamental skills that we want all students to have.  Understanding social cues, norms, and prompts are all essential components in what goes into developing appropriate interpersonal and whole group social skills.  Unexpected behaviors are treated with a social cuing reminder(s), whole class discussion(s), targeted small group discussion(s), and direct instruction/tiered-intervention support service(s).  It is our sincere hope that you and your child will find this new and practical social-emotional learning curriculum's approach beneficial and helpful.
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