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School Improvement Committee
School Improvement Committee 
Several years ago, the District 23 Board of Education authorized the formation of a School Improvement Committee at each of our schools. The committees are a logical outgrowth of District 23's desire to achieve that aspect of its mission which seeks to "encourage interactive community involvement." While there are many opportunities for family members to participate in activities which support our schools, the School Improvement Committee provides a specific leadership opportunity for those who wish to participate.

The School Improvement Committee is comprised of professional staff and parent representatives. This is a representative committee whose membership is limited in order to allow for an effective committee process.

The School Improvement Committee Team Members
Mrs. Diane Berry (2012-2014)
Mrs. Sharon Moeykens (2012-2014)
Mrs. Mollie Barr (2014-2016)
Mrs. Jennifer Berk (2014-2016)
Mr. Kevin Bott (2014-2016)
Mrs. Sherrie Grischow, Kindergarten Team leader
Mrs. Julie Mullaney, First Grade Team leader
Dr. Luke Lambatos, Principal
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