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EDP registration is done through InfoSnap when the parent/guardian registers their student(s) for the next school year. Registration for the next school year is generally held in April of the prior year. EDP is limited to 150 students at any one time in the program. Determination of admittance is done in the following manner:

1. Student(s) currently attending EDP who are in good standing with EDP and the District regarding all fees at the time of registration including lunch fines, library fines, etc. Must register and pay all fees by April 24th of that year to hold their spot of the following school year.

2. Student(s) who do not currently attend EDP and are in good standing with all District fees at the time of registration. Available slots will be allocated after the April 24th deadline for currently enrolled students.

Notice of acceptance into EDP or being placed on a waiting list will be sent out to all families who have indicated a desire to be in the program by the middle of June. A $50 non-refundable registration fee for 1student, $75 fee for 2 students and a $100 fee for 3 students will be required by April 30th. Payments can be made via cash or check made out to "EDP" and be dropped off to the EDP Director, Kris Lebrecht located at Ross School. 

Student(s) not directly admitted to EDP will be placed on a waiting list.The waiting list is determined by registration date. Once a space becomes available, the first family on the waiting list will be contacted. Should this family not need the program at this time, the next family will be called. When placed on the waiting list, you will not have to submit the registration fee until your child has been placed into the program. Your first monthly fee will be pro-rated upon your start date.
Depending on space, students may enroll after the school year has started. Please contact the EDP Director for more information on this process.
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