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  Notes from Home to School (Child Security)   
The security of the children who attend Eisenhower School is a top priority. That is the reason notes from home are so important when a child is departing school in a way that differs from the norm in any way.

We keep stressing the importance of these notes, so we thought you might like to know what happens to your note after it arrives at school. Students who have a note are to give that note to the classroom teacher the first thing in the morning so the teacher will know where to send the student at the end of the day.

When you send a note in to your child's teacher, the note eventually comes to the office. The office keeps track of the daily notes that are sent in so we know where all of our students are after school. There are several reasons for this. For example, perhaps your child usually goes to after school day care. On a particular day, you have sent a note to school saying you will pick your child up after school for an appointment, but you forgot to tell the day care center. When the child does not turn up at day care, personnel there call the school office to see what happened to the child. Another really common example is that sometimes a child is simply uncertain about the plan for going home on a certain day. Having this information allows us to be able to help children who forget where they are supposed to go after school.

In order to facilitate the process for the office, please make sure that you include your child's first and last name in the note. We also need to know why your child is staying after school (i.e., Daisy's, Brownies, for a specific teacher, etc.). If you would include this information in your note, we would appreciate it.

If a parent does not send a note, the school has to call home and/or the parent's work to clarify the situation. Also, parents often "call in" changes to the going home plan. This means the office must interrupt the class in order to deliver the message. Frequently there are many last minute such calls. This can cause confusion, and even the risk that a message will not be delivered.

We have many thanks for those of you who consistently write notes. Perhaps those of you who have not been writing them will now understand why they are so important, and will feel more inclined to send in a note. You may not have been aware that the office receives an average of 40 to 50 notes each day about children staying after school or changing plans about how they go home. Intramural days and scouting days can send that number soaring. It is very important for us to be able to account for the whereabouts of each of our students after school. All notes are sent to the office so that, in case of an emergency, the information about where the children are in the building can be quickly accessed. In order to help us facilitate this process, please do the following when sending a note about your child:

- Send a note in for each activity.

- Date the note.

- Use your child's full name on the note.

- Include your child's teacher's name.

- Tell what activity your child will be staying for after school.

- Sign the note.

We appreciate you taking the time to include this information in your notes. Please do not forget that students may NOT ride home on another bus.
$ending Money to $chool   
Money is constantly coming into the school office for a variety of reasons. The office needs to make sure that the money gets to the right places. When you send money in, please put it in a sealed envelope. On the outside of the envelope include your child's name, your child's teacher's name, and what the money is for. Thank you for taking the extra time to do this.
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