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When Students Are Absent 
We realize that from time-to-time it is necessary for your child to miss school due to illness or other family reasons. At this point in the school year, we thought it would be helpful to reiterate Eisenhower's homework policies for students who are absent.
Homework Policies for Students Who Are Absent 
Children who are absent for a day or two due to illness or other family emergency:

*Teachers will hold any school work that they feel is necessary for your child to complete and give it to your child when she or he returns to school.

Children who have been absent for more than two days due to illness or other family emergency:

*Parents may call the school to request that any important work be sent to the office for the parent to pick up or to be sent home with a sibling. It may take an additional day for the teacher to prepare the work. Work not requested to be sent home will be held until your child returns to school.

Families who take vacations during the school year should not request homework to take along on vacation:

*Daily activities in school are no longer driven by pages of work that are predetermined ahead of time.

*Teachers plan learning activities based upon each day's accomplishments, making continual adjustments to their plans where necessary.

*Most learning activities happen while the children are in class as they interact with their teacher and classmates.

*Many learning events cannot be "made up."

*It is, therefore, not possible to assign advance work.

*Teachers will hold all work that they feel needs to be completed. The teacher will give that work to your child when you return from your trip.

*The most profitable school homework while on vacation is for you to require your child to keep a written journal of his or her activities, read books, and practice math facts.

*Generally, teachers will expect that the missed work be completed in the same number of days that your child has been away from school.
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