Intramural Activities (Open to all 6-7-8 graders) will be offered to all students as a before or after school activity. These are only some of the activities that will be offered to students:

* Badminton/Soccer in the Spring

  1. *Boys Basketball in the Fall

  2. *Girls Basketball in the Fall

  3. *Volleyball in the Winter

* Floor Hockey in the Winter

* Softball in the Fall

* Tennis in the Fall and Spring

* Bowling Club in the Winter

* Dance Class in the Winter

* Fitness Class in the Fall and Winter

* Flag Football in the Fall

These sessions are open to all students. Most are co-rec, however separate activities are offered for boys and girls in basketball and floor hockey. Tumbling and gymnastics sessions will be arranged by instructor and announced in Memos from Mac. All intramurals are held in the gym or on the MacArthur/Park District grounds with the exception of bowling and tennis.

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