Prospect Heights School D23
Prospect Heights District 23 School Closing Procedures
If the district feels our schools need to be closed for the safety of our children, there will be a notification on the district home page as well as each school's homepage.

The Superintendent will send out an all district alert through Instant Alert, our emergency notification system.

Under such conditions, all schools in our District will be closed. There will be a radio announcement that "Prospect Heights School District 23 Schools will be closed."

We will notify the following radio stations before 7:00 am. These stations then make periodic reports of emergency school closings:

AM Radio: WBBM 780, WGN 720, WMAQ 670, WLS 890

FM Radio: WLS 94.7, WBBM 96.3, WUSN 99.5

TV: FOX 32, WGN 9, ABC 7, NBC 5, CBS 2

When you are in doubt about school closing, listen to one of the above stations for information. Please do not call the school district offices . . . we need our lines open for emergency purposes. When our lines are stacked up with such inquiries, we are at a distinct disadvantage to deal with emergency operations.

On any morning that conditions are very hazardous and you are not able to find out whether or not schools are closed, it is our advice that you keep your child home until you are sure. We join you in believing that the safety of your child is the first consideration in such an emergency.

Schools will be reopened the next day following an emergency unless you are notified otherwise by the above procedures.

District 23's procedure for determining school closings:
The process of declaring a snow day begins early in the morning with our Superintendent conferring with the six other superintendents in the District 214 area. Since buses are shared by several of the school districts, the decision to close school must be made no later than 5:30 am. This also allows time to disseminate the information to the staff and news media. Top priority is given to the safety and well being of students and staff.
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