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English Learners (EL)
The services for English Learners makes education accessible to students through the Transitional Bilingual Education Program and Transitional Program of Instruction, providing an engaging and nurturing environment, which promotes success in English language acquisition and high expectations for students' academic achievement.
English  Learners (EL)
For students whose primary language is other than English, District 23 offers assistance
provided by Bilingual (Spanish) and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers.
The federal identifier for students acquiring English is Limited English Proficient (LEP).  
The District offers opportunities to assist resident English Learners to achieve English proficiency and effective communication in English, encourage their full participation in school activities and programs, and promote participation by their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are provided information about the reasons for their child's identification as an English Learner (EL), their child's level of English proficiency, the method of instruction used, how the program will meet their child's needs, specific exit requirements of the program, how the program will meet their child's Individualized Education Plan, if applicable, and information on parent/guardian rights. Parents/guardians also are regularly invited to participate in our Bilingual Parent Advisory Council (BPAC) meetings. 

Program Requirements 
The parents of every new student registering in District 23 complete a Home Language Survey at registration. After the HLS is reviewed, if there is a language other than English spoken in the home, the student is screened within thirty days of enrollment. One of the following tests is then administered: WAP-T (grades 1-8), Model (kindergarten), or Pre-IPT (pre-k). Those that score below 4.2 in Reading or Writing, or below 5.0 Composite on the screener, are eligible for English Language Services. Parents are notified of the test results. The student is then entered into the appropriate program, unless the parent refuses services.
Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI)
The TPI is provided to English Learners whose first language is a language
other than English or Spanish.  Students in the TPI attend general education classes with Sheltered English instruction either embedded into the classroom experience or provided as a supplemental intervention. 

Bilingual Services - Spanish/Polish TBE - Transitional Bilingual Education
Services in the TBE program are provided in a classroom setting with instruction being
provided in both Spanish/Polish and English. The goal of the program is to provide instruction
in their native language (Spanish or Polish) and introduce English skills. Students participate in
all core and exploratory curriculum. As students acquire English, they transition out of bilingual classes into ESL services and join general education classrooms.
Exit Criteria 
Any student whether they participate in the bilingual program or the ESL program will be released from services when they achieve the minimum state exit criteria of 5.0 Composite and 4.2 Reading proficiency and 4.2 Writing proficiency on the ACCESS test. Students who exit the program will no longer receive ESL support for the following school year, but will be monitored for two years. If the need arises, students may reenter the EL program.

Refusal of Services
Parents have the right to refuse EL services provided by the district. If parents refuse services, they must provide a signed and dated letter expressing their wishes. Their child will be required by law to participate in the ACCESS test until he/she meets the State minimum for exit criteria.  
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