Prospect Heights School D23
EDP Activities

Homework/Reading:  Quiet time is set aside each day for the first 25 minutes of EDP, homework can be continued in the Ross gym after this time. Staff members will assist students with homework, but it is the student’s responsibility to complete their own homework. Students should have their own supplies with them. EDP does have some books for students to read, if they do not have their own.

Movies/Games: “G” and “PG” rated movies may be shown during EDP. EDP also has several games, puzzles and blocks for students to play with.

Crafts: EDP offers many different types of craft activities, including seasonal crafts.

Outside/Inside Play: Many sport activities are played inside and outside each day. Weather permitting, students are encouraged to play outside. For the safety of our students, sandals are not to be worn for activities. Gym shoes are best for playing any sport. As the weather gets colder, students will be required to have appropriate outdoor clothing. As the weather gets warmer, students are encouraged to bring a water bottle as well as sunscreen. It is recommended that all students bring a sport or cloth bag for winter items and have each item labeled with their name for easy identification.

EDP does not allow any outside electronics or toys to be brought from home. 

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