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Curriculum and Instruction are the foundation for successful educational experiences. District 23 utilizes a collaborative process to review State standards, current curricula and materials, instruction. Ongoing curriculum committees review feedback from parents and students, guidelines and requirements from State and Federal entities, and best practice research from the field. Teachers and Administration work together to identify gaps in our current materials and practices and make recommendations for enhancements, improvements, and curriculum adoptions. 
         Timeline for curriculum review and proposal for adoption of new materials.
The Social Studies Committee reviewed the New Illinois Learning Standards and the C3 Framework and identified curricula for adoption and implementation in 2016-17. 
The Intervention Software Committee met to determine appropriate tools for blended learning to support at-risk students. The committee reviewed a range of products and identified some for adoption or renewal.  
          The Science Committee reviewed the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and identified goals for curriculum adoption timeline and professional development.  
 The Social Emotional Learning Curriculum committee identified new materials for students in grades PreK-8 to address State standards for social/behavioral expectations, digital citizenship, and bullying prevention.
The Exploratory Curriculum committee identified new materials for Spanish, STEM/Industrial Tech, Visual Arts, and Physical Education to address new standards and to more fully integrate technology into the classroom experience in grades PreK-8.
Library Media Center directors articulated a new scope and sequence for skills and experiences to be collaboratively delivered in grade PreK-8.
Follow this link to learn more about the Common Core State Standards that provide a foundation for curriculum and instruction in Illinois.  
Follow this link for Frequently Asked Questions about the Common Core Standards. 
Follow this link for the Illinois State Board of Education's page. 
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