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Competitive Bids & Request for Qualifications/Proposals

All purchases made and contracts entered into by Prospect Heights School District 23, Cook County, Illinois are in accordance with Illinois law. All contracts are approved or authorized by the Board of Education. Those contracts in excess of $25,000 are made in accordance with the state bidding procedure and other applicable laws unless specifically exempted by the Illinois School Code.

Prospect Heights School District 23 is currently accepting competitive bids or requests for qualifications/proposals for the items or services below. It is the vendor's responsibility to check the website before the due date to see if any addendum/addenda have been issued regarding any bid or request for proposal.

If you have any issues downloading bids//RFQs/RFPs, please contact the Business Office by calling 847-870-5552.

Current Competitive Bids

No current competitive bids being sought at this time.

Current Request for Qualifications/Proposals

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