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Check That Book Bag 
Almost all students at Eisenhower have a backpack or book bag that is "home" to their papers, teacher communications, and school newsletters. Each teacher has a system to deliver work and notices that are intended for home. Usually your child will have a 'mailbox' in his classroom which is his responsibility to empty daily before leaving for home.

Most school-to-home communications travel in your child's school bag. These communications include notes from the teacher, homework, completed school work, school handouts, and PTO notices.A check of your child's backpack or book bag should be part of your daily routine. Some families have an 'in-basket' that is set aside for just that purpose.

In addition to checking with your child on a daily basis for communication from school, please also stress the importance that your child share any home-to-school communications by giving any notes or envelopes to their teacher the first thing upon arriving in the classroom for the school day. All classrooms have a procedure for collecting important information from home.

Remember that each teacher collects things from many other children on any given day. The office has the potential for receiving envelopes for 390 children on any given day. Any money sent to school should be in a sealed envelope with your child's name, the teacher's name, and the purpose for the money (i.e., Lunch Money, Field Trip Fee, etc.) plainly written on the outside of the envelope.

Thank you for getting into the Book Bag Habit.
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